Small Business Social Media Marketing: Using Facebook Effectively

Your online marketing campaign is incomplete without social media. In fact, it has to be one of the more strategies, besides SEO and search engine marketing. With numerous platforms begging for attention, social media is no longer limited to Twitter, Facebook & Instagram alone. However, companies like that specialize in real-time social media agree that Facebook can be incredibly useful for smaller brands. In this post, we are discussing more on how to use Facebook efficiently to promote your small brand.

  1. Post organic content

Audiences want to know about things and are curious about fresh and original content on social media. If your sole aim is to generate leads through Facebook, the idea is to use organic content in the best possible ways. Share content that has some value for your target users, so that they can come back for more.

  1. Give something for free

People want free things – it could be an e-book, or something like a solution to their PC problem. If you want attention on Facebook, you have to entice customers and people to your page, for which freebies can be really handy. Many small companies are also offering free gifts and samples through their Facebook page, which is a great idea, because you can ask people to sign up via email. Ask for permission, and you can always send newsletters.

  1. Engage

Facebook has a thing for videos, and it is not surprising that many brands create video content for the platform alone. You can also choose to go live with your audiences. The basic strategy is to engage with your audiences. You need to find a way to connect, respond and support users who may become your customers or are already using your products.

  1. Use Facebook groups

Facebook groups are quite handy for finding new niches and audiences. In fact, this could be a smart way of connecting with users, who may have an interest in your brand but haven’t found it online through other sources.

  1. Manage your campaign

Even the best brands have to deal with negative publicity on Facebook at some point. Instead of being defensive, hire a social media marketing team that can diffuse the situation and make things better in a way that it doesn’t look super promoted.

Facebook remains the king of social media, and your business needs it – Period. Seek expertise of a known agency to get started.

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